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New Challenger Onboard? Syai Health Brings the
New Fashion to CGM Experience & Chronic Disease
Syai Health secured significant funding from AstraZeneca plc & Xiaomi Corporation.

SINGAPORE, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore-based biotech company, Syai Health, abbreviated for "Sychronise +
AI", secured significant funding from leading investors like AstraZeneca plc and Xiaomi Corporation for its in-house
developed AI-empowered medical devices. Originally an Oxford-Cambridge spinoff, alongside an R&D crew from top
institutions and a design team from the Royal College of Art, Syai Health achieved another crucial fundraising milestone
after years of dedication. Driven by a strong faith in transforming the industry (CDM), Syai's cutting-edge products, such as
Continuous Glucose Monitor, promise to revolutionize home-based health management with a next-level digitalization. Syai
Health is prepared to broaden the horizon and reshape the CGM experience with its user-centric product lineup
empowered by AI integration.
Syai Tag CGM with cross-platform functionality.
Syai has distinguished itself in the market with its thoughtful design and data processing capabilities. The all-in-one
monitoring unit can be worn discreetly on the body with its size of less than a quarter and weight of only 1.6g. Syai
integrates its advanced algorithm that not only analyzes real-time glucose readings but also provides personalized
feedback as a reference, making the device a responsive, considerate companion to users' health management journey. It
unlocked the potential for proactive users to make informed changes to their lifestyle and overall well-being.
Syai's CGM device pairs with a user-friendly app and cloud-based data solutions that allow patients to track, retrieve, and
share real-time data or reports with their healthcare providers or families for more comprehensive care. Syai
transformatively positioned data as the core of its CDM strategy, where data-driven analysis & deep learning help improve
the quality of life, marking a significant milestone for Syai Health.
Syai is poised to expand its reach and make its CGM devices available to global customers with the funding. The company's
success in investment procurement mentioned is a testament to its prospective for growth and innovation. Regarding the
upward trends of self-care and wellness management for individuals over the past few years, Syai's medical devices with
advanced software systems are well-positioned to capture a significant portion of the target market and revitalize the CDM
(Chronic Disease Management) experiences for customers worldwide.