Innovation and design excellence awarded by the 2024 Red Dot Design Award
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Experience our thin, lightweight wearable biosensor for continuous, real-time glucose monitoring. Syai Tag revolutionarily integrates biosensing and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, facilitating more personalized diabetes management experience.
Thoughtful Design
Wear your glucose monitor within three steps using our one-time applicator
Easy to operate with just one hand
Innovation and design excellence awarded by the 2024 Red Dot Design Award
Comfortable And Discreet
A mini-glucose monitor as small as a coin
Fit tightly onto your skin
Reliable To Wear
Wearable, needle and trouble-free, durable for 14 days
Help reduce time in hypoglycemia and improve overall glucose stability
Exceptional Accuracy
Proven to be more accurate than fingerpricks
A small tag to help you manage diabetes with confidence
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Syai Tag is designed not just for glucose visibility, it is created to help diabetic patients and people concerned about glucose levels live a more insightful and leisurely life. We want you to feel free to explore all the amazing moments of your life, and we've got you covered.
Be Noted, You Are Not Alone.
Enroll in Syai's specialty education and service program.
Join thousands of adventurers to embark on this guided journey together for better glucose stability and greater self-management of diabetes.
Syai Lnk
Share your glucose data with your loved ones and caregivers for an extra layer of protection.
Syai Care
Join Syai's specialty program for 2 months of professional education on glucose control, metabolism mechanism, food and exercise tips, and step-by-step coaching.
Syai Lab
Come and become a product development member of Syai. We welcome honest opinions from our customers and wish to collaboratively develop better healthcare products for diabetic patients.
Expansive Partnerships
Syai has developed global partnerships with key players in different industries to collectively facilitate innovation in chronic disease
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