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Inspired by the constant evolution of technology and a minimalist mindset, Syai Health is founded in Singapore to redefine the future of chronic disease management. Born out of a dedicated journey in technological research and clinical treatment, we embark on a quest to synchronise artificial intelligence and biosensing technologies in the management of chronic disease symptoms.
We design, develop, manufacture, and distribute state-of-the-art smart devices for chronic disease biomarker monitoring and deep learning algorithms for personalized data processing and management.
Our Global Service Network
Originated from the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge in 2016, Syai gathered like-minds from renowned institutions and built R&D centers, manufacturing plants, sales centers in Singapore, China, and UK.
Building upon these advancements, we embrace the dawn of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). With Syai, we introduce a new age of health management, marrying cutting-edge technology with the simplicity of use. Developed by a collective of bright minds from renowned institutions — the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, our product undergoes rigorous testing and validation, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Through our journey, the invisible becomes visible, offering a tangible glimpse into the successes achieved in diabetes control.
Syai goes beyond being a mere glucose monitoring device; it embodies a profound respect for science and an unwavering passion for life.
We invite you to embrace the transformative power that technology holds, as Syai empowers you and your loved ones to conquer the challenges of diabetes and reclaim good health.
Our The 5 “CIEER” Core Values of
Syai Healthtory
We are, and will always be entrepreneurs, and we will maintain a brave, curious, knowledge-seeking mind.
Our Story
Syai’s founding team established, early technological explorations at laboratories and innovation centers of Oxford and Cambridge
Early algorithm training on open-source data for chronic disease early detection and symptom forecasts
Syai partnered with China Academy of Sciences at various research venues to construct high-precision biosensing platforms
Syai began establishing early-phase R&D centers in Singapore & China for prototype formulation and testing
Syai received millions of USD venture capital investment from SourceCode Capital to support R&D activities
Syai gathered 50+ R&D professionals from renowned institutions to build a chronic disease management system with self-designed sensors, software and data processing units
Syai continued to receive investment support from top-tier strategic partners, such as Xiaomi, building up biosensing and algorithm capabilities
Syai gathered solid clinical results for its biosensors and software systems, and the company funded the construction of its manufacturing plants with millions of manufacturing capacity
Syai completed new round of fund-raising from top-tier VCs of tens of millions USD and started collaborations with strategic partners such as AstraZeneca
Syai opened up second manufacturing site and further improved its manufacturing capacity. New product lines began to develop
Our quality system received ISO 13485 certification
Syai CGMS obtained CE MDR Certification
Syai Health
Syai Offers End-To-End Data-Driven Service
for Integrated Disease Management
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Mobile APP
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Expansive Partnerships
Syai has developed global partnerships with key players in different industries to collectively facilitate innovation in chronic disease
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